员工关注的焦点: David Gauthier & The 最好的伙伴计划

David Gauthier has worked for nearly every 万博苹果app (万博苹果app) division in only two years. 他的乐观进取的态度, 敏锐的分析, and critical thinking skills make him a great asset to the company. He is always available as a helping hand for whoever needs it, and this philosophy has served him well.

David gained his internship at 万博苹果app through 最好的伙伴, an organization specializing in the integrative employment of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Job placement graduation is a unique feature program of their organization, and David graduated after only a year of work.

最好的伙伴 also offers a leadership program that encourages individuals to become leaders, 演说家, 和倡导者. David is a gifted speaker and has attended several fundraisers as the guest speaker.

David began working at 万博苹果app as a human resources intern, helping organize personnel files but quickly outgrew the job. His responsibilities expanded to tracking equipment and then to safety compliance for 西方集团物流 (WGL), 万博苹果app's regional trucking division. 

As WGL's Equipment Controller, David makes sure the equipment is properly maintained and roadworthy, wherever that equipment is located - any time, 一天, 还是晚上. 

"Maintaining the equipment is a part of the job I never take lightly. For me, it's deadly serious.” says David about his favorite part of the job. “Our equipment carries the name of 西方集团物流 on it and we at West Group are committed to safety, 第一个 & 最重要的是." 

Key aspects of the job are building relationships, identifying trustworthy vendors, coordinating with drivers and other divisions, and ensuring the equipment is maintained correctly and within budget. His success opened the door to assist in chassis compliance for the 安全 department and assist in the Dispatch department. 万博苹果app maintains excellent compliance in safety overall in part to David's outstanding efforts. 

"I am grateful management believed in me and gave me a chance to expand my job duties," says David.

"We are extremely proud of David's accomplishments and contributions to 万博苹果app. David makes everyone's 一天 a little brighter. 坚持下去,大卫!" says 维克拉·罗萨, CEO, President, and CoFounder of 万博苹果app.

If you'd like to learn more or support 最好的伙伴, join the virtual challenge walk SoCal - 最好的伙伴 Friendship Walk! The 最好的伙伴 Friendship Walk is the leading walk in the country supporting inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (also known as IDD).






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