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首席执行官,总裁 & 联合创始人万博苹果app

维克拉·罗萨 is an innovative and solutions-focused Senior 执行 with the ability to employ the right people and empower them to succeed.


Vic's comprehensive professional background spans the industries of transportation and clean tech. 其中包括货运代理, 仓库, 卡车运输, LTL, 空运, 物流, 分布, 的, 3PL, 与国际航运.

Recognized as a transportation and 卡车运输 subject matter expert, Vic provides local newspapers and industry publications with expertise and advisory. These include the Wall Street Journal, American Shipper, and the Journal of Commerce.

  • 启动
  • 运营管理
  • 导入/导出
  • 海关
  • 供应链管理
  • 战略规划
  • 合同谈判
  • 业务发展
  • 业务扩展
  • 基础设施开发
  • 车队管理
  • 采购
  • 新机会识别
  • 库存
  • 销售和营销
  • 过程改进
  • 项目管理
  • 融资
  • 市场预测
  • 预算
  • 业务建模
  • 软件包
  • 法规遵从性


In 1986, Vic co-founded Total 运输 Solutions (万博苹果app) with Bill Allen to provide a wide range of cross-nation and international freighting services. Serving as President during the early growth years, Vic directed the upward trajectory of the company to reach a peak of $100 million prior to the successful sale of the business in 2006.

He entered semi-retirement at this point, only to re-purchase the company six years later, following unsuccessful ownership by the acquirer. 作为首席执行官, he created a sustainable growth model, 重组操作, and taking into account significant industry changes before rebuilding the company to its previous status. The company has now doubled in size, and Vic continues to manage day-to-day 操作.

在万博苹果app最初的成长岁月里, Vic leveraged the burgeoning Big Box boom to develop the import market sector of the organization. He built relationships with Fortune 100 companies, including Target and Amazon. He opened multiple divisions to support demand, 包括仓储, 经纪公司, 空运, L TL, FTL, 沉重的工作, 操作, 港口业务, 和运费.

The development of the port drayage business in the 1990s was a positive move, and the operation performs at a sophisticated level today. 如此, that 万博苹果app is one of the largest Port 运货马车运送 companies in the region, and leading the way in sustainability as a successful business model.

Vic instructs on Driver Training and Global 物流 at California State University, 长滩, and the Center for International Trade & 运输. He has spoken at Chamber of Commerce industry events, 氢清洁空气倡议, 空气质素管理区, 和加州空气资源委员会. He was a Guest Panelist for Pulse of the Ports conferences.

Graduating from Rider University in 1972 with a BA in History, Vic also holds an Advanced Degree in 运输 from the Academy of Advanced Traffic in New York City. He has completed an industry-related Labor Relations & 谈判研讨会.

Vic's leadership upholds high standards of environmental stewardship. He and 总运输服务(万博苹果app) received over 40 Environmental Excellence 奖 & 嘉奖.


Vic has served as a consultant on the topic of 运输 Industry Market Trends, and he advises on Trucking Operations Development & 策略.

  • Saybrook 物流 Acquisitions - Board Member
  • 港口货运协会 - Board of Directors
  • Coalition for Responsible 运输 - 财务主管 / Board Member (2007-present)
  • PierPass -顾问委员会
  • Port's Pool of Pools Chassis Program - Advisory Committee
  • Clean Air Action Program - Advisory Committee


  • 加州货运协会
  • 港口货运协会
  • 美国货运协会
  • 洛杉矶交通俱乐部
  • 海滨联盟
  • RILA (Coalition for Responsible 运输)
  • 拉娜


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总运输服务(万博苹果app) is an innovative, asset-based 物流 provider driven by 可持续性, 安全, 和加州合规. We are committed to providing Quality in Everything We Do.

万博苹果app is supported by a 专用的 领导 Team with Deep Industry Experience, 强大的合作伙伴, 并获得众多奖项.


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